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When it comes to the nation’s favourite cryptocurrency uae breakfasts, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that a traditional full English and a tasty bacon butty come out on top.

But while over a third of us (38 per cent) admit we couldn’t live without full English breakfasts, nearly one in ten are worried about its salt uae cryptocurrencycontent. That’s according to new research released by the PPOYF campaign to encourage people to eat lower salt British bacon and pork products.

To mark Salt Awareness Week (26 March – 1 April), Put Pork on Your Fork has joined forces with top nutritionist Amanda Ursell to support the initiative and provide top tips cryptocurrency in uae and health advice about how to lower salt intake whilst still enjoying our favourite tasty foods.

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Top Tips from Amanda

Amanda Ursell is a qualified nutritionist with a post graduate diploma in dietetics and award winning journalist, television presenter and author.

Here are some of Amanda’s top tips for lowering your salt intake:

  • Remember that 6g of salt is the daily maximum that adults should be having each day in their diets. Try hard to stick to daily intakes of 6g or less
  • Read the labels on foods and manage your daily intakes. Any foods with more than 1.5g of salt (or 0.6g sodium) are high in salt and any with 0.3g or less are low
  • You don't need to ban all high salt foods, but you do need to take them into account in your daily total
  • When seasoning meals at home, try adding lemon juice which enhances your perception of the salt already in foods, and use herbs and spices to cut salt too
  • Avoid adding salt at the table. It takes just three weeks to get used to having less salt in your food. Once you are over this you will expect and need less in your meals
  • Remember that takeaways, ready meals, pasta sauces, pizzas, bread and cereal all contain added salt. Keep takeaways to a minimum and check labels on shop bought products before buying